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I’m a fragrance enthusiast with over 15 years of perfumery experience, specifically testing, rating, and classifying perfumes and colognes, mostly for men. I review fragrances considering the information needs of different groups of people, no emotions, no hype, no overstatements, just pure facts. My collection has probably over 700 fragrances, niche, and designer, and growing. I have been adding specific features to my rating process based on the feedback from friends and other fragrance enthusiasts like you.


5th Ave

5th Ave Glowing like a burning torch that lights the way for you to take you to a world of magic and beauty, a few sprays are enough to spend long hours of ecstasy and enjoy the scent of its captivating fragrance. The opening starts with a blast of spices, I would put my hand …

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Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport EDT opens with a moderate projection of sweet, citrus, resinous, spicy, and woody notes. The lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, ginger, elemi resin, and cedar are prominent opening notes. The lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit pinch give this fragrance its sporty character; these notes create an extremely fresh accord. The ginger is also noticeable, refreshing …

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PI Givenchy

PI Givenchy

PI Givenchy EDT opens using a moderate projection of sweet, sweet, citrus, hot, and flowery notes. The opening is refreshing, gentle, inviting, flexible, and agreeable. The mandarin orange is a tasty sweet and citrusy note however short-lived, it lingers about for only a minute giving the fragrance its own inviting and refreshing nature. Even the …

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Eros Versace

Eros Versace

Eros Versace EDT opens using a moderate projection of citrus, citrus, sweet, and spicy notes. The opening is quite refreshing, bright, inviting, exceptional, and yummy. The green mint, apple, and lemon are the most obvious opening notes. The lemon is your refreshing and bright starting notice, sour, sour, and lively; the green apple is from …

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Gucci Ruch

Gucci Rush Gucci

Gucci Rush Gucci opening is bright, charming, inviting, flexible, short-lived, and intense. The cherry is your very first surfacing and a showcased notice, rich, delicate, somewhat sweet, fruity yummy, using a floral-like touch. It’s followed with the gardenia, a compact, white flowery, feminine. Somewhat green notice, as well as also the freesia, which surfaces, adding …

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Chrome Azzaro

Chrome Azzaro

Chrome Azzaro EDT Men opens with a moderate projection of refreshing citrus, citrus, and white floral accords. The opening is refreshing, sharp, uplifting, summery, gentle, flexible, and very agreeable. The bergamot, lemon, and pineapple produce the fruity/citrus opening; both lemon and bergamot are more prominent compared to the pineapple. The jasmine and neroli are evident, …

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A Definitive List of the Best Perfumes Ever Created for Women

A signature scent ought to be classic and wearable, in almost any situation and in any given age. But clearly, with all these fragrances available on the current market, finding the right perfume for you could be challenging. Beauty counters and internet storefronts are stocked with all the most up-to-date and best from endless perfume …

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Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Perfume

Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense opens with a solid projection of candy orange blossom and whiskey. The orange blossom gives the fragrance a composite of white citrus and floral (evocative of sour grapefruit and sweet orange) notes, refreshing, aromatic, as well as agreeable. The whiskey is your prominent boozy accord and it combines nicely with orange …

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Prada Perfume

Prada Perfume EDT opens using a moderate projection of candy, floral, powdery, and spicy notes. The opening is composed, relaxed, aromatic, powdery tidy, and pleasant. The neroli is adjacent, with a floral, sweet, and citrusy notice, which makes the odor feel refreshing. The partner or yerba mate notice does exactly the same, it’s bitter, herbal, …

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Carlisle Perfume

Carlisle perfume opens daring, candy, and casting notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, cardamon, and Guaiac wood. These last two are base notes however they come up immediately upon application. The combination of those four notes creates a fantastic first impression with excellent projection. Although not explained anywhere in the official notes, the opening appears to …

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Calvin Klein Reveal Perfume

The Calvin Klein Reveal Perfume is a captivating fresh salty oriental scent with identity, its signature character makes for a powerful seductive statement. Reveal for men embodies the thrilling game of seduction between two people connected by desire. Reveal men continues with a second defining chapter of sexual possibilities featuring our stars supermodel Doutzen Kroes …

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Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture Perfume

Embrace the signature Juicy Couture addiction, Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture Perfume is a playful, sweet floral fragrance with a delectable dry-down of creamy vanilla caramel and sensual amber. Vibrant berries, sweet honeysuckle, and a pucker of mandarin are liquid luxuries for the life of every party. Inspired by late nights and dreamy mornings. It’s made …

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