A Definitive List of the Best Perfumes Ever Created for Women

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A signature scent ought to be classic and wearable, in almost any situation and in any given age. But clearly, with all these fragrances available on the current market, finding the right perfume for you could be challenging. Beauty counters and internet storefronts are stocked with all the most up-to-date and best from endless perfume brands, but how can you know that will be your brand new go-to?

One place to begin: Vintage perfumes which have existed for centuries and stood the test of time. The iconic aromas on our listing of the greatest perfumes of all time have a cult following because of this — their mythical scents never become older.

Our beauty pros round up the top women’s perfumes for each event, odor taste, and years, such as best selling selections, perfumes for women that guys adore, the top perfumes for the office, and much more:

Pure Poison Christian Dior


Dior Pure Poison EDP opens with a moderate projection of white floral, sweet, and citrus notes. The opening is fresh, elegant, calming, mild, versatile, and natural; the jasmine, orange blossom, gardenia, orange, and mandarin are the prominent opening notes.

The jasmine, orange blossom, and gardenia create the white floral signature of this fragrance, sweet, rich, fresh, powdery, warm, with citrus and green touches. The orange and mandarin are close behind; they create a mild but delectable, sweet citrusy accord.

As time passes, the citrus notes take two steps towards the back; , the musk, sandalwood, and amber begin developing as support notes. The amber comes across as a fresh and powdery projecting note; the sandalwood has a modest contribution, a sweet, creamy, rich, and warm touch. The cedar remains in the far back of the fragrance.

The fragrance has a simple but noticeable opening to dry down transition. The opening is brief. It features the white florals and citruses, but this second accord is short-lived, as the citruses receded that musk dries up and adds a powdery touch. In contrast, the sandalwood adds a warm sweet touch.

The initial projection takes a small step down from moderate to low. Once Dior Pure Poison EDP has reached its full dry down, it can be summarized as a moderate to a low projection, sweet, white floral, jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, musky powdery, and woody sandalwood fragrance with some sweet citrus accords.

Recommendation: Dior Pure Poison EDP can be found for about $90. Although its notes are common, it is a versatile and appealing fragrance. It is a nice-to-have.

Classique Jean Paul Gaultier


Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique EDT opens with a strong projection of sweet, floral, musky, fruity, and spicy notes. The opening is intense, dense, mature, sensual, elegant, bright, and refined. The orange blossom, ylang-ylang, orchid, tuberose, star anise, and plum are the prominent opening notes.

The flowers create a complex and delectable note; the ylang-ylang is the yellow floral component, sweet, creamy. With nuances of banana, peach, and a noticeable musky, animalic touch. The orchid is close by and contributes with an intense, sweet, exotic, and floral note. The tuberose is the third noticeable floral note, intense, white floral, dense, sweet with green nuances.

The last pronounced note is the orange blossom; in this fragrance, it comes across as sweet, warm white floral, with a citrus touch. A step behind is the plum and star anise; they create a sweet, purple fruity, dense, inviting, and a spicy, sweet, intense, warm, balsamic, woody, licorice-like touch. As time passes, the vanilla, amber, musk, cinnamon, and iris start developing.

The sweetness of the vanilla contributes to the sweetness of the flowers. But it does not take the focus away from the exquisite bouquet; the amber, iris, and musk give the fragrance a dry, powdery, and ambery character. The musk also enhances the nuances of the ylang-ylang boosting the projection of the fragrance.

The cinnamon joins the star anise adding its sweet, spicy, and warm note; the sandalwood is a sweet and creamy touch. The rose and ginger are a faint touch in the far back of the fragrance. The fragrance has a noticeable but linear opening-to-dry-down transition. The opening favors the flowers and a few spices, but it also contains a light and brief sweet citrusy and fruity touch created by the mandarin orange, bergamot, and pear.

As time passes, the musky nature of the ylang-ylang and the rest of the flowers further develop. One or two steps behind follows the plum and vanilla. Finally, towards the dry down, the musk, amber, iris, cinnamon, and sandalwood appear as support notes.

Recommendation: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT can be purchased for about $65. It is a fantastic intense floral fragrance with musky, sweet, and spicy nuances. This is a great buy.

Cloud Ariana Grande


Cloud Ariana Grande EDP Women opens with a strong projection of very sweet, citrus, gourmand, and fruity notes. The opening is fresh, delicious, gourmand, tropical, and very pleasant. The pear, bergamot, whipped cream, praline, and coconut are the opening most noticeable notes. The bergamot is a passing note, a citrusy, sour, and sharp touch that stays for a moment and then recedes as the gourmand notes surface.

The pear is also noticeable, sweet, and juicy. The whipped cream, praline, and coconut climb very and take the lead of the fragrance. The whipped cream is a noticeable gourmand note, this note has sugary, vanilla, milk, white chocolate, and cream nuances. The praline is very similar, also gourmand, sweet, dense, and milk chocolate-like.

One small step behind is the coconut, sweet, tropical, and milky. The vanilla orchid, musk, and wood are support notes, a noticeable, sweet floral, projecting white musk, and light woody touch. The fragrance is linear, the opening lets the bergamot shine for a brief moment before the featured notes develop, the whipped cream, praline, and coconut.

The initial strong projection takes a small step down to moderate to strong. Once Cloud Ariana Grande EDP Women has reached its full dry down, it can be summarized as a moderate to strong projection, very sweet, gourmand, whipped cream, praline, coconut, floral, and pear fragrance with musky accords.

Recommendation: Cloud Ariana Grande EDP Women can be purchased for about $50. It is a delicious and great performing perfume, ideal for those looking for a good quality gourmand fragrance. This is a great buy.

Chanel No 5 L’Eau Chanel


Chanel No 5 L’Eau EDT Women opens with a strong projection of sweet, citrus, musky, and floral accords. The opening is very fresh, mature, sharp, with a noticeable musky animalic accord, and pleasant. The aldehydes, neroli, lemon, with a pinch of sweet orange are the most noticeable opening notes, but they are joined by the rest of the notes very.

The aldehydes are a notable note that presents itself as a combination of musky, airy, clean, fresh, soapy, and floral accords. The ylang-ylang is also noticeable, floral, sweet, creamy, woody. And musky with a dirty touch; the jasmine joins the neroli with a sweet and fresh white floral accord.

As the fragrance moves to its dry down, white musk and orris root develop creating a projecting and powdery accord. The vanilla, cedar, and rose are a soft touch in the background. Most of the sweetness of this fragrance is from the mandarin orange, and ylang-ylang, not vanilla.

The fragrance has a noticeable opening to dry down change, the opening favors citruses and white florals. But, towards the dry down. These citruses will lose some intensity while the yellow floral and fruity ylang-ylang, the musk, and powdery orris gain strength.

The initial strong projection will take a step down to moderate. Once, Chanel, No 5 L’Eau EDT Women has reached its full dry down, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, sweet, aldehydes, neroli, jasmine, ylang-ylang, musky. And powdery orris fragrance with fruity, woody, and citrus accords. 

Recommendation: Chanel No 5 L’Eau EDT Women can be purchased retail for $135. It is a great, classy fragrance, it is a mild version of the much stronger EDP version. This is a good buy.

Gabrielle Chanel


Chanel Gabrielle EDP opens with a moderate projection of very sweet, citrus, fruity, and white florals. The opening is delicious, fresh, inviting, and very pleasant. The citruses and black currant create a sour, sweet, and intense; berry, fruity, tangy, green, ammoniac nature of the black currant. Enhance the notes creating a great opening.

The florals are fantastic, the combination of white, sweet jasmine, and orange blossom, the strong, white floral, dense. Sweet tuberose, and the floral, fruity, sweet, creamy, and musky notes of the ylang-ylang, create a unique scent. The ylang-ylang has a noticeable fruity accord, a hint of banana and peach, which join with a faint sweet and delicious pear note making the fragrance feel delicious.

Towards the dry down, the musk becomes a noticeable accord, mild powdery, fresh, inoffensive but projecting. The sandalwood makes the fragrance creamy and sweet, and the cashmeran adds a light woody touch.

The fragrance has a linear evolution with a few changes, the opening favors citruses (mandarin orange, grapefruit), fruity (black currant, pear), and sweet notes; the dry down but adds white florals (jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose), and yellow floral ylang-ylang, sweet woody sandalwood, and musky accords.

Once Chanel Gabrielle EDP has reached its full dry down, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, sweet, jasmine, ylang-ylang, tuberose, fruity, musky, and sandalwood fragrance with citrus, and woody accords.

Recommendation: Chanel Gabrielle EDP can be purchased retail for $130. As with most Chanel fragrances, the retail option is often the only purchasing option. In any case, it is a great, pleasant, and versatile fragrance. This is a great buy.

Patchouli Imperial Christian Dior


Dior Patchouli Imperial opens with a strong projection of green, sweet, gourmand, and woody accords. The opening is fresh, classy, projecting, old-school, refined, and pleasant. The patchouli is the green and most prominent opening note, sharp, intense, very elegant note. Two or three steps behind are the rest of the notes.

The bergamot and mandarin orange are noticeable but for a brief moment, they enhance and add a sweet citrusy touch to the green patchouli but their presence is short-lived. The cinnamon and coriander are the spicy and mild support notes. They come up as spicy-sweet, woody, and warm, from the two of them, the coriander is more noticeable. The vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and benzoin create a mild sweet accord.

The benzoin and amber are noticeable with their characteristic warm, sweet, and resinous accords that, besides the vanilla. Give the fragrance a sweet gourmand touch balancing the intense green and sharp patchouli. The smoke is a projecting and enhancing note, it does not come across as incense, but as a pleasant woody smoke touch.

The rose and cedar are support notes, in the background, the cedar is noticeable, the rose is faint and almost lost in the background. The fragrance is very linear, the citruses are noticeable during the opening. But they fade away towards the dry down, the rest of the notes maintain their initial lineup.

The initial projection takes a step down to moderate but the fragrance still feels intense. Once Dior Patchouli Imperial has reached its full dry down, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, green patchouli, resinous sweet amber, benzoin, smokey, and spicy coriander fragrance with woody, and sweet accords.

Recommendation: Dior Patchouli Imperial can be found retail for $220 (4.2oz). Although patchouli fragrances are common, the quality of this fragrance is superior. This fragrance will be a dream for patchouli lovers. This is a great buy.

Dark Purple Montale


Montale Dark Purple Women EDP opens with a strong projection of sweet, fruity, floral, and musky accords. The opening is intense, very projecting, elegant, mature, refined, fresh, and very pleasant. The rose and plum are the most noticeable notes; the plum is a sweet, fruity, dense, and inviting note. It comes across as very sweet and thus evocative of tasty plum jam as opposed to plum the fruit.

The rose is a very aromatic note, red rose-like, feminine, powdery, intense, seductive, sweet, and natural. The orange and patchouli are support notes, faint sweet citrus, and a green sharpening touch, but nothing noticeable. , the red berries contribute with a faint scent making the fragrance feel fruity and delectable.

And the fragrance dries down, the shy white musk grows very fast, projecting the fragrance. This is a white clean, mild powdery, aromatic musk and not animalic or harsh, but very projecting.

The amber contributes by enhancing the projection with a sweet, warm, and resinous touch but not as intense as the white musk. Finally, the teak wood brings a very refined and elegant woody touch, acting as the stage for the rest of the notes.

The fragrance has a very little opening to dry-down changes, the dry down feels more powdery than the opening. This is the result of the white musk and amber developing a brief moment after the initial application. The projection remains very strong between the two stages. Once Mondale Dark Purple Women EDP has reached its full dry down it can be summarized as a very strong projection, sweet, rose, plum, and white musk fragrance with fruity and woody accords.

Recommendation: Mondale Dark Purple Women EDP can be found discounted for about $115. Its quality and performance are worth a much higher price. This fragrance is ideal for those looking for a rose and dark fruit fragrance with outstanding performance. This is a great buy.

Essenza di Colonia Acqua Di Parma


Colonia Essenza opens with strong citrus and patchouli notes. The citrus notes, lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin come up as zesty, sharp, and sweet. The neroli plays an important role in the opening, adding a honey-like sweetness, floral and citrusy.

The petitgrain contributes citrus, floral, and wood notes. The patchouli adds its green and fresh tones, adding the fragrance, a bit of that old-school vibe. The opening is bright, fresh, citrusy, and floral. As the fragrance dries down, the musk becomes more clear, earthy, and woody. Not overpowering but noticeable and it seems to combine with the patchouli enhancing both combined tones.

The flowers contribute with a touch of softness to the fragrance and add a touch of femininity to it as well. Finally, the amber adds some sweetness and muskiness. About 15 minutes after the first application, the fragrance develops a soft powdery touch, the amber.

The fragrance can be summarized as strong citrus, patchouli, musky and floral fragrance, ideal for mature men and women. The musk inclines the fragrance to the masculine side but the flower tones incline it to the feminine side. A classic, old-school, barbershop, elegant clean, and fresh scent.

Recommendation: Colonia Essenza is an affordable, good quality fragrance, ideal for mature individuals that seek a fresh and elegant fragrance.

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